Society6 art quarterly 3.1

Art Directing and designing the first quarterly of 2018 we revamped the overall design, complete with new featured artist layouts, artist info and the addition of One Thing—a section where artists have the chance to share something special about their lives or their art. We also made a pretty big move by partnering our flagship print piece with one of our most popular ventures, the community collaboration zine. This combo resulted in a fresh addition where by flipping the book over the quarterly is now two books in one. The Flipside will allow each Quarterly release to have super fresh custom artwork from the magical artistic minds of the S6 community. 

Blood Road Press KiT

I had the opportunity to design the press kit for Red Bull's movie Blood Road. The movie follows a ultra distance cyclist as she follows the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam to retrace the location of her father's plane crash. Following the style guide given by Red Bull the press kit includes layouts featuring interviews from the movie as well as background info on the routes taken and her fathers plane crash.

GuggenHeim Exhibit Booklet

This is a booklet designed for the Guggenheim Italian Futurism Exhibit. The booklet gives a brief history on the futurism movement and its artist. For the design I tried to create something that paired well with the bright tones of the artwork inside, this is accomplished by using black backgrounds throughout. The front cover features an organic design with the works of Benedetta  set inside.