I've wanted to start a daily design challenge for a long time now but never knew what that entailed. Starting on July 13th I came up with a challenge to design a new Air Max 1 colorway everyday for a year. I chose designing an Air Max 1 because it created a unique challenge for me. First, I love shoes and especially love the Am1. I wanted it to be something that I would enjoy doing above all else. Second, the Air Max 1 offers a number of panels that lend itself to creative designs. Not only do I have to think up creative colorways, but I also have to create hand drawn patterns and search for new textures and materials that I think will make up a great shoe. My shoe mockup consists of over  100 materials and patterns at the moment, but that number is growing as I explore and find new materials and patterns. The end goal of this challenge is simple; continue to improve at design and become the best I can. It's as simple as that, because if I'm not pushing to get better someone else is. I don't display this page on my main website. It can only be found by shared link as I do not want to violate any trademark laws. Descriptions and names of each sneaker can be found at www.instagram.com/airmax_365